Stud Male

Grand Flowerdale Zingator

IAR: 147993
DOB: 18 April 2009
Type: Huacaya
Colour: Solid White

Sire: Camelot Tor
Dam: Illawarra Zinco

Show Success:
2009 Royal Canberra: 1st Junior Huacaya Male White
2010 Royal Sydney: 3rd Junior Huacaya Male White
2011 Royal Canberra: 1st Adult Huacaya Male White
2011 Royal Canberra: 1st 60+ Months Huacaya White
2011 Royal Sydney: 4th Adult Huacaya Male White
2012 Royal Canberra: 1st Senior Huacaya Male White
2012 Royal Canberra: CHAMPION Fleece 60+ Months Huacaya White
2012 Wodonga: 1st Senior Huacaya Male White
2012 Wodonga: SUPREME CHAMPION Fleece at show

2009: 1st fleece: Micron 18.2, SD 4, CV 22.2%, CF 99.3%
2010: 2nd fleece: Micron 19.1, SD 3.6, CV 18.9%, CF 99.1%
2012: 4th fleece: Micron 20.6, SD 4.1, CV 19.8%, CF 97.8%

Zingartor is a son of champion Camelot Tor. He is a dazzling white male independently classed by Dr Jim Watts (SRS) as a Wool Sire. He has excellent scores for density, length, softness, lustre and crimp character. His dam was a Sydney Royal Junior Champion and his sire is a 10 times Supreme Champion.
Zingator has just been certified as a stud male. Choose him to improve the fleece qualities of your best females.

Stud Fee: POA

Grand Flowerdale Zingator
Grand Flowerdale Zingator

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Stud Fees

Fees quoted are for a single, on-farm mating. Up to eight weeks agistment is included in the fee. Drive-by matings and permanent agistees benefit from a $100 fee reduction. Multiple matings, paid for at the same time attract a discount of 10% for 2 matings, 15% for 3 matings or 20% for four or more matings. All fees quoted include GST. An extra fee is charged for optional ultrasound pregnancy testing.

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