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Alpaca Shearing at PinjarraAlpacas need to be shorn each year. Shearing an alpaca is different from shearing a sheep, so Pinjarra uses the services of experienced alpaca shearers.

We offer clients who live locally the opportunity to have their alpacas shorn at the same time as alpacas on the Pinjarra farm. 

Alpacas at Pinjarra are shorn in Spring. Shearing days at Pinjarra are hard work, but great fun. The camaraderie of the shearing team is worth being a part of. Let us know if you would like to be involved.

Organisation of the shearing shed is paramount to a smooth running operation. Pinjarra aims for each alpaca to be shorn and released as quickly as possible to ensure any stress in the procedure is reduced to a minimum. 

Shearing time can also be a good time to give alpacas injections for Selenium, 6-in-1 vaccine, and Vitamin D, and to cut toe nails. These activities are secondary to shearing, but with an efficient shearing team, it can be achieved without causing the alpaca any extra stress. It's certainly a convenient time to carry out these husbandry tasks. 

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