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Alpaca Mating at PinjarraSuccessful mating of your females is one of the most important events in the calendar year. Pinjarra can offer a mating management service for alpaca owners who choose to leave their females here for mating with a stud male at Pinjarra. 

Each mating at Pinjarra is managed by individual alpaca. We generally don't conduct paddock matings. Records are kept of each mating, and we also manage the spit off process including at least three spit offs (pregnancy tests) across the first eight weeks after mating. If an alpaca sits during one of the spit offs, she is remated and the process starts again.

At eight weeks, the heart beat of a foetus can be observed by ultrasound. At between eight and fourteen weeks, we can, if you require it, arrange a veterinary ultrasound to confirm pregnancy of the alpaca.  

Stud Males

Please check the Stud Males section of our website for details on the stud males available.

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