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Yes, alpacas may need the dentist too!Alpaca Dental Care - Pinjarra Alpacas For Sale

We assess all alpacas at Pinjarra to determine if they have any dental needs. Any alpacas that need attention can be treated by a specialist Alpaca Dentist. 

Alpacas have incisor teeth on their bottom jaw and a dental pad on their top jaw. If the incisors and the dental pad are not well aligned, the ability of the alpaca to eat grass can be compromised. If this problem gets bad, the alpaca can lose weight and condition.

Alpacas also have molars. They are ruminants, and the molars are used to grind up the grasses they eat. If the molars do not fit together well, the alpaca can experience significant pain. Again, this can result in the alpaca not eating, and thus they can lose weight and condition.

Male alpaca also have fighting teeth. These teeth can cause nasty wounds to other alpacas where two animals are fighting for dominance. Fighting teeth need to be trimmed. This normally only needs to be done once in the male's life.

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