Stock Guards

Yes it is true. Alpacas do protect livestock like lambs and kids from foxes, and they can kill foxes. Ideally you should run alpacas with the flock they are to protect for several weeks prior to lambing season. In this time they will bond with the flock and then protect 'their own' against foxes.  

Alpacas work best in pairs. There is of course no guarantee that there will always be a perfect result. For example one alpaca cannot protect hundreds of animals, or animals in paddocks out of view or across a fenceline. However sheep farmers have reported lambing percentage increases of up to 30% when they put alpacas with their flocks.  

Buying alpacas is canny investment!  

We generally have alpacas for sale suitable as guards for your stock. If we don't have suitable alpacas, we can put you in contact with another breeder.







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