Alpacas: I-L

Kicking & Biting

Kicking is a defence mechanism, so when an alpaca feels threatened, it may kick. However, as alpacas have soft feet, any injury to humans is very slight. The best protection is to handle your alpacas so they learn to trust you and don't feel threatened by you. 

Biting of humans is extremely rare and again, does not cause injury. Alpacas have teeth on their bottom jaws and a hard dental pad on the top jaw making any rare biting behaviour non harmful. The best defence is for the alpacas to trust you so they don't feel any need to bite.


Yes, alpacas and llamas are related. They are both South American camelids. Llamas can be twice the size of alpacas, and are used as pack animals, whereas alpacas are used principally for their exquisite fleece.


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